The Making of Global Capitalism

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Book TV: "The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire"

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Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin: The Making of Global Capitalism

Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Current Affairs. They have few rivals and no betters in analyzing the relations between politics and economics, between globalization and American power, between theory and quotidian reality, and between crisis and political possibility. This is a major work in political economy—rigorously researched, compellingly written, and bursting with fresh insights on nearly every page.

The authors help us see the active making of global capitalism mostly overlooked in mainstream explanation. A great book.

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Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin have so much to offer as we deliberate about the paths to follow for empowerment and meaningful change. Most valuable are the ways these Canadians set out anti-capitalist principles and critiques of reformism, and defend socialist aspirations. In perhaps no other site in the English-speaking academic world are such committed, principled and generous leaders so warmly received by colleagues and students, and more importantly, by workers and communities in struggle.

This means taking with utmost seriousness both their analysis and strategy, for even if they do not always jump the gap perfectly, no one I know has a better working model. Panitch and Gindin survey global capitalism from its head office so to speak, in order to follow a train of decisions and actions which they contend demonstrate precisely how global capitalism is—and indeed can only be—the logical result of the organization and operation of a new form of American empire.

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To my knowledge, it is the best in existence, wide-ranging in time as well as in space, perceptive, deeply informed, and sophisticatedly nuanced in its analyses. Truthdig takes no responsibility for such statements or opinions.

THE MAKING OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM by Leo Panitch , Sam Gindin | Kirkus Reviews

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