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The Keeper

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Keepers are also responsible for protecting a clan from Fen'Harel , [4] and for knowing the clan's ancient lore and passing it on to the others in the clan. Without a keeper, the clan's knowledge is lost forever.

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Every ten years, the Keepers of the Dalish clans convene in a meeting called the Arlathvhen , which lasts usually two days, to compare any recovered knowledge or artifacts. The intense quarreling that occurs in these conferences leads many to suspect the Dalish prefer their tribal isolation due to irreconcilable differences.

Furthermore, the Keepers are the only ones who know the secret of writing the Elven language.

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The Keepers are the Dalish mages , though each clan will seldom or never have more than two fully trained mages. These mages are the Keeper and the Keeper's apprentice. The apprentice is referred to as the First First meaning the next in line of succession. Though there is only one First in a clan at any time, there can be many candidates for the apprenticeship, such as the Keeper's Second.

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Should there be a clan with more than mages than needed, they may be transferred to another clan during the Arlathvhen, such as the case of Merrill, who was born to the Alerion Clan but became First of the Sabrae clan. They may also be sent away from the Dalish entirely. The Templars are aware that each Dalish clan has a Keeper, but largely let such apostasy go rather than upset existing human-elven relations. The Dalish, in turn, are aware that their mages are tolerated only so long as they behave, and thus make it a point to never overstay their welcome in any human land.

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