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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 21, Margitte rated it it was ok Shelves: read , action , adventure , family-sagas , reviewed , suspense , drama , relationships. Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves is the only survivor of her unit and barely outlive the torture and wounds from a skirmish with the enemy. With a shattered hip and amnesia of the last six months of her life, she is ready to take on the world again.

Forty operations to restore her body did not prevent her from maintaining her image as the G. Jane of the Green Berets and the one woman in the USA defence forces with whom all men fall madly in love. Diplomatically stated, all men coming in contact de Sergeant Alexandra Hargreaves is the only survivor of her unit and barely outlive the torture and wounds from a skirmish with the enemy. Diplomatically stated, all men coming in contact develop a sex craze about her, and her husband is a walking dog in heat, permanently drooling around her, even in company.

Really, she is THAT hot, tough and gorgeous! Known as 'The Fey' or fairy in ordinary English she is the heroine of the action-packed story in which sex, the supernatural and war actions is piled up on every page. Or rather, all over the place. Even if you close your eyes, pinch your nose shut and press your lips together, you will be force-fed, probably through an intravenous tube, while being tied to a chair, this unrealistic idea of a perfect woman! Okay, for those who do ache for these kind of heroines, run along and grab the book! COMMENTS: a confusion in characters and plot had me rereading several pages, skip others due to irrelevancy to the main plot and overall did enjoy the idea behind the book, although I am not an Amazon-groupie and never appreciated the G.

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Janes of the popular action movies. I also do not think that someone with a shattered hip, or a hip replacement, and so many injuries is able to metaphorically run tunnels through mountains of problems and physically can win every skirmish with highly-trained male soldiers and do it with a giggle. There might be an element of surprise allowing her to get ahead in any fight, but nothing else could convince me much of our heroine's super powers.

Admittedly I might be the wrong audience for this book. Or our heroine might be G. Jane on steroids! That's a possibility indeed. There are other elements in the book that did not make sense to me. Identical twins cannot be brother and sister. There were way too many characters and sub-stories brought in, interrupting the flow of the narrative, instead of contributing to it. I wasn't impressed with a woman pouting for not being allowed to drink whiskey with her male buddies while being seriously injured in her hospital bed.

And best buddies laughed and joked around when situations were dire, deadly and demoralizing at best. There was just something missing in the rythm of the tale. The idea was really good, just not executed well. Bottom line: the plot was too confusing for my taste. The story elements did not gel enough. It was okay. The idea was good. Bear in mind, other readers might find it perfect, so consider my opinion with a bag of salt. It is a matter of choice. And while an attempt is made to redefine a fairy: excuse me, mesdames et messieurs , I need to quickly go kick-start my Boeing!

Yes, my name is Fey, after all and the new fairies on the block can achieve anything - at least in some people's imaginations!

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View 2 comments. Mar 18, Janice rated it did not like it Shelves: z-read-in , ylto-rainbow. Where, oh where was your editor Ms.

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This, I learned in Grade 8 Science. Identical twins are the result of a fertilized egg that splits in two. Both twins have the same DNA. They are always of the same gender. Oh, wait - is this book magical realism?

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If you have a hip replacement, you will not be running on a treadmill in three weeks - guaranteed! The words "passed" and "past" are not interchangeable. An editor would have caught th Where, oh where was your editor Ms. An editor would have caught that and other grammatical errors that found their way into the book.

In general, the protagonist was nauseatingly larger than life. Needless to say, I won't be reading any of the sequels. View 1 comment. Jul 25, Alicia rated it it was ok. I settled down to read this thinking it would be a really good fast paced read. I couldn't make head nor tails of it really! There were so many plot holes and confusing moments that I am surprised I even finished it. Let's start with what annoyed me about it. Alex "the Fey" - This book could be read as a representation of the strong female. Alex is the only female allowed in the green berets.

So far, so good.

But then, it just gets annoying. Alex is the heroine, she has her own problems and her own I settled down to read this thinking it would be a really good fast paced read.


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Alex is the heroine, she has her own problems and her own feelings and this is good, it makes her human, accessible to the readers. However, after a while you begin to realise that Alex is so special but all you can think is why? What is so amazing about her? She appears to have men falling for her left right and centre.

She is happily married apparently, but that doesn't stop her having intimate relationships with other men. Here's the kick- I don't mean intimate sexually, I mean intimate with her feelings and with how close she is to them. I just find it weird that her husband accepts this.

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There are two things that annoy me about Alex "The Fey" - 1. Her tattoos.

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  6. Whilst tattoos are cool, I love them I think that putting them on her arm was a horrible place. Her other persona "Alyssa" - This just seemed so arbitrary, half the time I would forget that she had to change her identity, why? Because she seemed to forget half the time as well! Relationships- This is where the book begins to really get stupid. We already know how wonderful Alex supposedly is. How men fall over themselves to love her. But, it annoys me. What is so wonderful about her really?!

    One conversation went something like this "What does the Fey smell like? I heard she smells like rain" - That's just narcissism. Bad Alex! I don't mind the fantasy elements of the book - that is the whole beauty of literature, everything goes. However, their relationship is just a bit too strange.

    I think the author noticed this too, because half way through the book suddenly Max The twin has a girlfriend in Paris! One thing that is noticeable about the book is that some things seem to change suddenly or pop up - as if the author had a change of heart or noticed a plot hole. It is a disappointment, I am not going to lie. It has a good plot though- but the plot stopped being developed and it was just all about how marvellous Alex "The Fey" is and how her husband and everyone else can't keep their hands off her.