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By default, the eraser is preset to the second thickest setting, and it defaults back to that setting each time you open a new image or reopen a saved one. Select the "Eraser" icon in the Tools section of the Home tab. This icon is in the form of a small pink eraser.

What is the eraser challenge? The latest social media trend results in burns, scars

Select the size of the eraser from the four choices provided. To increase the size of the eraser, select the last option on the size list, which is the largest size available.

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Thom Yorke: The Eraser

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The Lost Records by gdoliveira LateNightTales by detour. The Eraser.

Thom Yorke - The Eraser (Full Album)

The Clock. Black Swan.

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Skip Divided. Atoms For Peace. And It Rained All Night. Harrowdown Hill. The more that they try to "erase" or suppress this undercurrent of desire for each other, the more that they keep thinking of one another. No Replies Log in to reply.

Wren Graves revisits the solo debut of rock's greatest poet of anxiety

There was an error. General Comment It's probably about obsession. Obsession keeps the narrator from being able to erase this woman from his mind, even though he let her go because he didn't trust her. He decides all she was really after was being with him, and what he's saying in this song is that he will make sure she doesn't erase him either by writing more songs for her. The entire album can be interpreted to match with this idea, or with the threat of flooding, etc.

It's very clear. General Comment Well, it kind of seems like that. So you, algunmae, are probably right.. It does seem like a very straightforward love song, but it could also work on other levels, though not as well. But I don't think this girl necessarily doesn't like or love him.

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It's just that he's insecure and he doesn't dare ask her except in this song. General Comment I felt very sad listening to the song but I couldn't give it some solid meaning. Its a love song. I cant believe thom can write love songs still, he's married, not to mention. I love to search context in his songs.

I feel to be a part of this. And I always criticize my behaviour and I feel like I might end up in this song. You know, I really feel sad for whatever thing is making him sad. I feel I'm wrong. I want to understand them, see them from all people's eyes. I'm so afraid of not understanding him, or misunderstanding.

And all the comments are wonderful anyways. I want to thank everybody on this site.

The Eraser

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  • Wren Graves revisits the solo debut of rock's greatest poet of anxiety.
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