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To find out whether the products do indeed moisturize the skin and to what percentage over a certain period of time, researchers would then look to statistically compare the results of pretreatment vs. A data comparison p-value below 0. If this occurs, the claims can be substantiated and the percentages of moisturization levels are calculated appropriately from the levels obtained.

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This test may be conducted using a closed chamber method, where a moisture probe is pressed onto the skin and calculates an in-chamber humidity reading. Another approach is the open chamber method using either an evaporimeter, which measures temperature and relative humidity, or TEWL meter, which measures the transepidermal vapor pressure gradient by pressing two moisture and temperature sensors inside a cylindrical probe on the skin.

Figure 2 shows readings from a TEWL meter emolliency study. The results show an opposite trend to the humectancy study because instead of looking at moisture increase in the epidermis, the rate of moisture loss is being calculated. These starting values are obtained by a dry down period similar to the humectancy study but with an extra procedure involving tape- stripping of skin from the test sites to expose deeper SC levels. Intact skin reads around 8—10 on the TEWL meter scale.

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Tape-stripping removes the protective layer and helps to increase the water loss process, facilitating this study. The positive control in this assay is petroleum jelly, which reads as the bottom line on the graph, whereas the negative control untreated is the top relatively unvaried, plateaued line. Usually within an hour, TEWL rates decrease from 13 to 6 as the product will, hopefully, provide a dam-like effect against excessive water loss. Once more, the necessary statistical significance analysis is conducted post-data collection to assess the legitimacy of the intended claims.

Hopefully, this information has enlightened readers as to the process behind the testing of moisturizers; however, this column must end on an important note. The duration of these testing procedures is around six weeks from study authorization to the final, signed report release, and will normally cost a few thousand dollars. This is vital to be aware of at the start of the new product development process in order to fully plan and budget each project. Contacting a product testing house at initial conception will ensure the most efficient product reaches the market—and this is even more important with other, lengthier and more expensive testing procedures.

Understanding these and other testing procedures will create a more knowledgeable, transparent and trusting industry in a time where this is becoming the main prerogative for all regulatory bodies.

Chris McLeod is a consultant in claim substantiation within the cosmetics, personal care and toiletries industry, having learned his trade at global consumer product testing house Aspen Clinical Research. He is now the cosmetic business product manager at HPCI Media, overseeing global cosmetics information.

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Close Fill out my online form. Figures Figure 1. Efficacy testing; mean corneometer values vs. Efficacy testing; mean tewameter values vs. There are numerous moisturizers on the market that are formulated to treat many different skin types, including normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. People with normal skin need a light moisturizer that contains natural oils, whereas people with dry skin may require heavier lotions with humectants to lock in moisture. For those with oily skin, there are oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizers, which won't clog pores.

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And people with sensitive skin should look for moisturizers that are fragrance-free and contain few ingredients [source: Bruno ]. However, avoid moisturizing your face with the lotion you use on your body -- this could cause skin irritation or breakouts. These ingredients are often greasy and are most effective when applied to damp skin.

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Mineral oil is often used because of its favorable texture, but it is not as effective at preventing evaporation of water as many other occlusives. Lanolin is expensive and potentially irritating. Silicone derivatives dimethicone and Cyclomethicone are not greasy but have a limited moisturizing effect.

They are often added to petroleum to make it feel less "greasy. Emollients are ingredients that remain in the stratum corneum to act as lubricants. They help maintain the soft, smooth, and pliable appearance of the skin. Emollients are often thought of as "filling in the crevices" between corneocytes that are in the process of desquamation shedding. The type of emollient used in a moisturizer plays a key role in its "skin slip," which is the smooth feeling imparted to the skin after application.

These ingredients are sometimes added to moisturizers to create a special effect on the skin such as enhancing the appearance of dry or damaged skin.

Chemicals that slow oxidation by reacting with free radicals include tocopherols and ascorbic acid. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. More in Skin Health.

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