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10 Tips For Businesses Seeking Positive Customer Reviews

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Why customer feedback matters

Social exchange and customer service: the relationship between perceived organizational support, leader-member exchange, and customer service behavior Lisa Michelle Polly. Check out our Customer Relationship Management tools page for more information on collecting customer data. Good customer relationships are at the heart of great customer service.

Whether you're interacting with a long-term client or a first-time buyer, developing a strong rapport with your customers is an important part of building good customer relationships. Home People Customers Seek customer feedback.

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Our Customers are Change Leaders Seeking the Voice of the Customer

Please provide your comments in the feedback form. Feedback News Subscribe Share. Measure customer service Measure customer service. Manage customer relationships Manage customer relationships. How to provide good customer service Good customer relationships are at the heart of great customer service. Each one of your existing clients possesses a wealth of information that can not only help you solve more of their problems and increase sales , but also give you ideas about what else you can be doing to attract new business.

The only way to get this information is to ask your clients direct questions and listen to their answers. There are many types of questions you can ask a client to get his or her feedback on your products, services, customer service , and overall business, but some of the basic questions should include:.

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Whenever you ask for client feedback, you should make sure you are asking the right questions to produce valuable feedback without asking too many questions and risk not receiving a response at all. Aside from hiring an external survey company to poll your clients on your behalf or conducting a formal focus group , which is not financially practical for many small business owners, there are a few ways you can ask your clients for feedback.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Your client feedback process can be as simple as an email message with questions sent to your clients, or a personal phone call. This method is quick and easy, but there are some downfalls. When you take the informal approach to client feedback, you run the risk that the message will be put aside and eventually lost in the shuffle.

Plus, if you're asking in a conversational manner, you are most likely using open-ended questions which can prevent any kind of consistency across all of your client surveys.