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These high numbers are important when dealing with Japanese money. The first one has been done for you. A room in Kyoto costs A museum ticket costs An MP3 player costs Sore wa tottemo yasui desu! Now write down this telephone number: Zelo, zelo, hachi, ichi, yon, ni, go, kyu, ichi, roku, ni, zero, san. Excuse me, could you repeat? Summimasen, kuri kaeshite kudasai? Booking a room Good morning. Ohayo gozaimasu. Is a room available? A room - available is? Heya ga - ai-te masu ka? For how many people?

How many people - are there? For one person. Nan nin-sama - desu ka? For how many nights? How many - nights - is it? For 3 - nights. Nan - paku - desu ka? Is there - a bath? Ofuro wa - arimasu ka? Yes, of course. Hai, mochiron desu. Smokers or non-smokers? How much is it? Ikura desu ka? It's 15, Yen.

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Ichi man go-sen en desu. Is that including breakfast? Breakfast - including - is that? No, the breakfast is 1, Yen per person. No, as for breakfast - one person - 1, Yen is. Viking style Yes, that's okay. Hitori desu. San - paku desu. Baikingu desu. Hai, ii desu. May I have your credit card? The credit card - may I get?

Excuse me, one more thing. Is there an elevator? Yes, over there - there is.

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Personal details Please, fill this form. This form - in - fill, - please. Your name and address, please. Nationality Kokuseki Passport no. At the restaurant Seki wo - shichi ji ni - yoyaku - shimashita. We have reserved seats for 7 o'clock. Waiter: In what name? Please, this way. Dozo, kochira e. Here is the menu. Menyu o dozo. OK, thanks. Hai, domo. What are you having?

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Firstly, I'll take a beer. Nani - ni shimasu ka? What kind of beer is there? Dona bilu ga, arimasu ka? What kind of?

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There is Asahi beer. The waiter says: There is also Kirin beer. Kirin beer also there is. Do you prefer fish or meat?

Fish is good? Meat is good? Fish is good. Do you like raw fish?

As for raw fish - like it? Yes, I like it very much.


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Yes, very much like it. Bon appetit! Sashimi teishoku - ni shimasu.

This teriyaki sauce is delicious. Kono teriyaki wa tottemo oishii desu.