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With 60 years experience in the Land Mobile Radio LMR industry, Codan understands the requirements and necessities for effective radio coverage for our customers. Codan Communications, a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium communication solutions, announced today that Scott French has been appointed the new President of the Land Mobile…. Snapshot 60 years Experience and expert knowledge. Global reach Locations around the globe enable us to equip countries worldwide with integrated communication solutions.

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Spies all over the world — as well as drug cartels — have realized the power of these technologies. So far, industry and policymakers have largely dragged their feet when it comes to blocking cell-site simulators and SS7 attacks. The lack of action could be because it is a big task — there are hundreds of companies and international bodies involved in the cellular network.

The other reason could be that intelligence and law enforcement agencies have a vested interest in exploiting these same vulnerabilities. But law enforcement has other effective tools that are unavailable to criminals and spies.

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For example, the police can work directly with phone companies, serving warrants and Title III wiretap orders. In the end, eliminating these vulnerabilities is just as valuable for law enforcement as it is for everyone else. As it stands, there is no government agency that has the power, funding and mission to fix the problems. This needs to change. To start, companies need to stop supporting insecure technologies such as 2G, and government needs a mandate to buy devices solely from companies that have disabled 2G. Similarly, companies need to work with cybersecurity experts on a security standard for SS7.

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Government should buy services only from companies that can demonstrate that their networks meet this standard. This expertise is being applied to the development of LTE enhancements related to public safety. Work in 3GPP is structured using work items that define the objectives and roadmap for each technical area. The table below shows the currently approved public safety work items in 3GPP. Further features may be added to provide platform enhancements as discussed already. Past experience with 3GPP standards is that commercial systems start to become available between 12 and 24 months after the freezing of the stage 3 standard.

The following table shows some current documents that are particularly relevant to the systems aspects of public safety based LTE. These may be helpful to the reader who wants to go deeper in to the 3GPP technical solution. It should be noted that these documents are potentially unstable until the completion of Release 12 and that informative technical reports created early in the standards process will be superseded by normative specifications when the release is complete.

The development of technical standards in 3GPP for LTE based broadband public safety is one part of the broader work that must be undertaken to bring this technology to market.

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Developing the ecosystem also requires each country and user community to develop the right government policy, commercial environment and spectrum plan. There are multiple possible coexistence and migration scenarios between existing public safety networks and LTE. Planning when, and how, to roll-out LTE public safety in real systems is work that will be undertaken outside 3GPP's technical standards arena.

Standards that match market needs and deliver the right technical capabilities with true interoperability are a critical building block in creating successful national and international communication systems.

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Over the coming years 3GPP will be working with the commercial cellular and public safety community to develop enhancements to apply LTE to public safety and commercial critical communication scenarios. Companies and organizations with an interest in that process are encouraged to participate in 3GPP and to follow the development. This will provide public safety users with economic benefits from increased use of common off-the-self technology COTS and technical benefits from improved data rates and multimedia communication.

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Commercial cellular operators will gain access to new capabilities that can enable new types of consumer and business services as well as being able to play a role in delivering public safety communications. Ultimately the most important benefits will be delivery of an enhanced public safety system which will provide better service to the whole community.

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About the Author Iain Sharp is the founder of the independent consultancy company Netovate and has over 20 years of experience in the mobile communications industry.