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The Guide shows you how economic figures can be manipulated to "back up" almost any claim, allowing you to cut through media hype and make up your own mind about what economic indicators do - or do not - prove, confirm, or predict. The book examines of the most important economic indicators - from measuring the gross national product to figures on personal investment and savings and everything in between. They tend to be coincident to the business cycle.

When times are good people tend to spend more money on both domestic and imported goods. The level of exports tends not to change much during the business cycle.


So the balance of trade or net exports is countercyclical as imports outweigh exports during boom periods. Measures of international trade tend to be coincident economic indicators. While we cannot predict the future perfectly, economic indicators help us understand where we are and where we are going.

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Share Flipboard Email. Social Sciences Economics U. Mike Moffatt is an economics writer and instructor who has written hundreds of articles and taught at both the university and community college levels. Updated February 19, So if the economy is doing well, this number is usually increasing, whereas if we're in a recession this indicator is decreasing.

Countercyclic : A countercyclic or countercyclical economic indicator is one that moves in the opposite direction as the economy.

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The unemployment rate gets larger as the economy gets worse so it is a countercyclic economic indicator. Acyclic : An acyclic economic indicator is one that has no relation to the health of the economy and is generally of little use.

The number of home runs the Montreal Expos hit in a year generally has no relationship to the health of the economy, so we could say it is an acyclic economic indicator. Frequency of the Data In most countries, GDP figures are released quarterly every three months while the unemployment rate is released monthly.

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Some economic indicators, such as the Dow Jones Index, are available immediately and change every minute. Timing Economic Indicators can be leading, lagging, or coincident which indicates the timing of their changes relative to how the economy as a whole changes.

Three Timing Types of Economic Indicators Leading : Leading economic indicators are indicators which change before the economy changes. Stock market returns are a leading indicator, as the stock market usually begins to decline before the economy declines and they improve before the economy begins to pull out of a recession.

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They should know how to proceed…. Sauvegarder l'image. Making Sense of Economics. Date: pages: ISBN: Written for the non-specialist, this highly accessible guide provides the keys to understanding all the major and many lesser economic indicators: what they are, the areas they cover, the.

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