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When she escapes and seeks a new life, her old one soon catches up, for some pasts can never be left behind. Darby Gibbs: Jahl rents a standing stone daily to earn a copper so he can wield again the next day. With luck, that should happen any day now.

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Book 1 of 4. A new Wild West. Two men with a dark and sordid past. A woman with a tentative future. A crossing of paths that could destroy them all. If you love fast-paced novels filled with unexpected twists, then this dystopian page-turner is for you! Get your copy now. Miranda: It is said that dreams are just that: only dreams. But believe me, this is not true.

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Some dreams are as real as the dreamer. The following story is dedicated to the fun, extravagant, and enlightening life of Julian Fox, The Dream Guardian. Be prepared, dear reader. It is time to dream, laugh, and even cry. Welcome to the Land of the Wise Dreams.

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Get it now. They are pursuing him because Ben knows too much. Three years ago, an explosion exposed the truth behind a small community and the person responsible for the murder of some of its prominent citizens. Now Ben must return to his home town to finally find out the answers to what really happened.

Kindle Is this book no longer free? After twelve years of working on Earth as a good witch, helping others and stamping out bullying, Lily is becoming increasingly distracted by the attentions of a very cute boy, and this means disaster when she is banished from Earth and sent back to witch school. Kindle Other Books in the series. Rice: Susan, age 62, travels 50 years back in time in her year-old body to meet the man of her dreams at a time when she thinks it might be possible for him to fall in love with her.

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James, age 20 and a member of what will become the most famous band of all time, does just that. But will he turn out to be the paragon she has always thought him to be? Shift into slinky red, buckle up, lock and load.

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Rejoin Ray Pacheco and Tyee Chino in their latest adventure unraveling a maze of misdeeds involving wealth, power and Navajo warriors. Their task is to stop a war between two states and possibly the Navajo Nation, as well as find a murderer. Was his murder justified? Randall: For Chicago police detective Tony Alfano, it was not like most mornings. Today it was five bombings throughout the Loop, two hundred pounds of missing dynamite, and one dead Hungarian in an alley off Washington Street.

Amateur sleuth, Lydia Doherty, opens a saltwater taffy shop on the Jersey Shore. When her sweet dream turns into a sticky nightmare, Lydia dives headfirst into investigating a dangerous homicide, determined to clear her name and save her new business. However, their interrogation reveals a plot so sinister that thousands of Americans will die from nerve gas dispensed by drones. So when I see a sign asking for an assistant — only witches need apply — I feel my fortunes might be trending up. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket!

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Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense.

He is a rich and powerful man and discovers an affair between his wife and his best friend. He consults a local witch and they carefully plan their two murders which he executes. Both appear to be accidents to everyone except local detective Grady Pruunes. Grady is closing the net on the murderer when money and power cause the case to be closed. When young Jamey Hart arrives, and Miss Lucy begins to appear in his dreams, the killer becomes frightened by what Jamey may learn from a ghost.

He decides Jamey must be eliminated and sets his cap to do so. It's up to Grady and Miss Lucy to protect Jamey. A clean fun read with Christian values. No profanity. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in the surrounding moss covered Low-country. Now retired with my wife, Laura, I like to travel, spend time with children and grandchildren, and try to write an occasional novel. I write in a sim OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Please review the types of cookies we use below.

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