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I have had work published in just about every major publication. I speak and give workshops about writing and the importance of personal branding.

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I advise a number of companies on their messaging. And I am the founder of Digital Press, a writing agency that works exclusively with CEOs, consultants, keynote speakers, and entrepreneurs to extract their best insights and help turn them into thought provoking written pieces to be shared online.

See, marketing carries a certain tone. My belief system is different than most marketers — and remember, I worked in advertising for four years. My mentor was an award-winning creative director. A good book comes with all sorts of things: plot lines, characters, moments of tension, conflict, resolution, emotion. These are the things that keep the pages turning — and these are the things that cause someone to put the book down and immediately want to tell someone else about it.

Can I be fully transparent with you? All I did was share what my journey as a writer and entrepreneur has been like.

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What I felt the moment I convinced one of my closest friends to quit his job and go all-in with me. What was going through my head as I paid our overhead so we could work on building our first project. What it was like for that project to fail, and for us to sit on his couch for 2 days, depressed, wondering if we should start applying for new jobs.

How we came up with the idea for Digital Press. How we got our first client — what a funny story that was. At 28 years old, I am living my dream — a dream every single person in my life told me was impossible.

Take that however you will, but I believe that to the core. The Internet has changed us.

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Our expectations have heightened. The entrepreneurial life can be described as a roller coaster and it can take a toll on loving relationships. Work becomes the place for passion and home becomes the place of stability and safety. Amanda Testa is a Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert who works with busy professional women and couples.

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Amanda helps people feel incredible in their skin, tap into abundant energy, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, and enjoy better connection and fulfillment in their relationships. Prior to admitting his addiction, Joshua was a prominent magazine publisher, award-winning journalist, film festival founder and politician in central Maine. As his year addiction was reaching a critical level in late , Joshua made the error of engaging a teenage girl in an online chatroom, for which he was arrested, lost everything professionally, and served six months in jail.

June 13th, A unique Bizweek event pitting FEO's most experienced business owners May 31st, May 23rd, Hull-based Gosschalks Solicitors has joined a number of high-profile, local April 18th, March 30th, March 21st, February 22nd, FEO was delighted to receive an invitation to Wilberforce College's January 19th, January 14th, In today's fast moving world, entrepreneurs want their inspiration on December 15th, December 14th, December 9th, November 26th, October 30th, October 29th, October 13th, September 30th, September 29th, September 23rd, September 4th, This one-day programme, written and presented by FEO members, comes September 3rd, August 31st, August 26th, August 25th, July 31st, July 12th, June 30th, June 28th, January 15th, Just do it!

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June 18th, I have been wanting to become a massage therapist for Session 2: Disruptive Generation - be ready for everything as you know it to change! June 8th, … Read Story. Session 1: Is blood thicker than Water? Billboard Wizard! April 30th, This year's competition saw high standards and a very close Getting out of your comfort zone with FEO April 30th, One of the biggest challenges as a business owner that Getting Stuff Done!