Dayside and Polar Cap Aurora (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)

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Topological variation in the magnetic field line at the dayside magnetopause. Multiple switch-off slow shock solutions. The structure of tangential discontinuities: 1. Results of hybrid simulations. Hybrid simulations of rotational discontinuities. The Earth's Magnetopause. An investigation of the structure of rotational discontinuities. Magnetospheric boundary dynamics: DE 1 and DE 2 observations near the magnetopause and cusp.

On rotational discontinuities in both two-fluid and hybrid models. Magnetic field reconnection patterns at the dayside magnetopause: An MHD simulation study. Morphology of magnetic merging at the magnetopause. Structure of the reconnection layer at the dayside magnetopause. Steady magnetic field reconnection.


Observations of rotational discontinuity—slow expansion fan structure of the magnetotail boundary. A two-dimensional particle simulation of the magnetopause current layer. Downstream evolution of an open MHD magnetotail boundary. On the stability of rotational discontinuities. On the stability of rotational discontinuities and intermediate shocks. Entry of solar wind particles into Earth's magnetosphere. Asymmetric time-dependent and stationary magnetic reconnection at the dayside magnetopause.

The structure of reconnection layers. On the theory of steady state reconnection. Toward a time-dependent magnetic reconnection model. The MHD intermediate shock interaction with an intermediate wave: Are intermediate shocks physical? Effects of dissipation on rotational discontinuities. A mechanism for the generation of cusp region hydromagnetic waves. An MHD model for the complete open magnetotail boundary.

Accelerated plasma flows at the near-tail magnetopause. Multiple X line reconnection: 1.

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A criterion for the transition from a single X line to a multiple X line reconnection. Fluid modeling of magnetized plasmas.

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  • GPS TEC variations in the polar cap ionosphere: Solar wind and IMF dependence;
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Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the magnetospheric boundary. Explosive tail reconnection: The growth and expansion phases of magnetospheric substorms. The magnetohydrodynamics of current sheets. Simulation of multiple X-line reconnection at the dayside magnetopause. A theory of magnetic flux transfer at the Earth's magnetopause.

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Anomalous Transport by Kelvin-Helmholtz Instabilities. Fluid Modeling of Magnetized Plasmas. Magnetic Field Reconnection in Cosmic Plasmas. Collisionless tearing in a field-reversed sheet pinch assuming nonparallel propagation. Dayside magnetopause reconnection. The distant magnetotail's response to a strong interplanetary magnetic field B y : Twisting, flattening, and field line bending. Magnetic field properties of the distant magnetotail magnetopause and boundary layer.

An ISEE 3 study of average and substorm conditions in the distant magnetotail. A split separator line merging model of the dayside magnetopause. ISEE observations of the magnetopause: Reconnection and the energy balance. Numerical simulation of reconnection in an emerging magnetic flux region.

Fluid signatures of rotational discontinuities at the Earth's magnetopause. Observation of plasma deceleration at a rotational magnetopause discontinuity. Magnetic reconnection at the Sun. Magnetic field reconnection at the magnetopause: An overview. Anomalous transport by magnetohydrodynamic Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities in the solar wind-magnetosphere interaction.

Large-scale flow in the dayside magnetosheath. Electrostatic structure of the rotational discontinuity II: Shock pair solutions. Field-line reconnexion in the two-dimensional asymmetric case. Rotational discontinuities and the structure of the magnetopause. Numerical simulation of the dayside reconnection.

Electric field measurements at the magnetopause: 1. Observation of large convective velocities at rotational magnetopause discontinuities. Diffusion processes in the magnetopause boundary layer. Solar wind energy transfer through the magnetopause of an open magnetosphere.

The Association of High‐Latitude Dayside Aurora With NBZ Field‐Aligned Currents

Interaction of the Solar Wind with the Dayside Magnetosphere. Structure of the magnetopause rotational discontinuity. Evidence for quasi-stationary reconnection at the dayside magnetopause. Plasma and magnetic field characteristics of magnetic flux transfer events. Magnetic field rotation through the magnetopause: ISEE 1 and 2 observations. Highlights of theoretical progress related to the International Magnetospheric Study. ISEE-magnetoapuse observations: Workshop results. Global simulations of the three-dimensional magnetosphere. Stability of planetary magnetospheric boundaries and mechanisms leading to leakage across them.

Laboratory experiments and space phenomena. Tearing at the dayside magnetopause.

Understanding the Unseen Universe

Evidence for magnetic field reconnection at the Earth's magnetopause.