Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology

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Nanotechnology: Research Examples and How to Get Into the Field

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Chromosome protein framework from proteome analysis of isolated human metaphase chromosomes

Basics of Nanotechnology 3rd edn. Edition: 3rd ed. Nakamura: Histological observation on the testes of dealfish Lampridiformes stranded on the coast of Niigata District, Sea of Japan.

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  • Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology.

Murata, H. Yagi, M. Kubota, and T. Ushiki : Embryonic development of the myenteric nerve plexus in the rat small intestine as revealed by light and scanning electron microscopy. Mizuta, R.

Chromosome 15

Iwai , M. Shigeno, M. Mizuta, T. Uemura, T.

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Ushiki , and D. Hitomi , M. Takeda , and T. Ushiki : Odontoma in an elkhorn sculpin Alcichthys elongatus caught in the Sea of Japan. Fish Pathol. Ushiki, T.

Chromosome nanoscience and technology / edited by Kiichi Fukui, Tatsuo Ushiki

In: ed. Fujita Micromachines as tools for nanotechnology. Springer, Berlin, p. Shinohara, H. Fukushi, M. Higuchi, M. Oie, O. Hoshi , T. Ushiki , J. Hayashi, and M. Fujii: Chromosome binding site of latency-associated nuclear antigen of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus is essential for persistent episome maintenance and is functionally replaced by histone H1. Takahashi, S.

New DNA-nanotechnology-based method enhances nucleic acid analysis

Hitomi , Y. Satoh, T. Takahashi, H. Asakura, and T. Ushiki : Fine structure of the mouse portal vein in relation to its peristaltic movement. Arch Histol Cytol Yamada, T. Suzuki, F. Gejyo, and T. Ushiki : Developmental changes in the structure of the rat fetal lung, with special reference to the airway smooth muscle and vasculature.

Yoshino, T. Sugiyama, S. Hagiwara, T. Yamamoto, S. Hitomi , S. Sawaguchi, H.

Abe, M. Shigeno, and T. Ushiki : Observation of human corneal and scleral collagen fibrils by atomic force microscopy.

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Hitomi , and T. Sone, T. Iwano, S.

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  • Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology.
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Kobayashi, T. Ishihara, N. Hori, H. Takata, T. Ushiki , S. Uchiyama, and K. Fukui: Changes in chromosomal surface structure by different isolation conditions. Iwabuchii, S. Mori, K. Ogawa, K. Saito, Y. Morita, T.

ISBN 10: 1420044915

Ushiki , and E. Tamiya: Atomic force microscope-based dissection of human metaphase chromosomes and high resolutional imaging by carbon nanotube tip. Hashizume, H. Ushiki : Three-dimensional cytoarchitecture of angiogenic blood vessels in a gelatin sheet implanted in the rat skeletal muscular layers. Ohtani, T. Shichirii, D. Fukushi, S. Sugiyama, T.

Kobori, S. Hagiwara, and T. Naito, T.