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The ultimate goal of these studies is to understand the molecular regulation of specific processes within living systems over multiple scales of biological organization, space and time, and to use this knowledge to develop drugs and therapies to improve human health. Our research program is focused on understanding cell mechanobiology and molecular mechanisms involved in human disease, in particular cardiovascular dysfunctions, brain and neurological disorders, and cancer.

The Streets lab is interested in applying lessons from mathematics, physics, and engineering, to invent tools that help us dissect and quantify complex biological systems. Our goal is to uncover laws that govern the interactions of molecules inside the cell and the interactions between cells in a tissue or organism, by making precision measurements on single cells.

Bioinstrumentation Laboratory

In pursuit of this goal, we exploit three core technologies; microfluidics, microscopy, and genomics. Our lab seeks to understand the neural basis of complex spatial and acoustic behaviors. We advance and develop technologies for studying neural activity in freely behaving and flying bats and apply those to our investigation of their neural circuits. An example is our recent development of methods for wireless recording of neural activity from freely flying bats. We plan to develop technologies for optogenetic control and imaging of neural activity in freely behaving and apply these tools in our studies.


We aim to uncover basic principles of brain function that are general across mammals. Steve Conolly Montford G. Daniel A. Amy E.


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Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. Student View Student Companion Site. About the Author John G. He is the editor of one of the most widely used text in biomedical engineering: Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design, Third Edition Wiley. In addition, he has developed 18 other books, including the Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation Wiley , and about research papers.

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Corneal Biomechanics and Refractive Surgery

Basic Concepts of Electronics Hong Cao. Hematology Susanne Clark Cazzanti. Nervous Systems Jang-Zern Tsai. Heart and Circulation Supan Tungjitkusolmun.

Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation | Duke Biomedical Engineering

Features Bioinstrumentation is the first text to include measurements in new fields such as cellular biology, molecular biology, and nanotechnology. A chapter on electronics allows instructors the option of not requiring a separate text. Statistical coverage prepares students for determining trial size.