Attaining High Performance Communications A Vertical Approach

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Attaining High Performance Communications: A Vertical Approach

This strain can result in problems for voice networks sharing the IT infrastructure. Streaming is a heavy draw on bandwidth, typically using megabits per second, and most business networks are only set up for intermittent streaming. Multiple users simultaneously streaming Olympic events, along with typical business activities like email, voice calls and web browsing can spell disaster for your voice network. The Olympics are just one use case for preventive measures when it comes to performance of your network.

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Your network should be designed to handle peak volume without sacrificing voice quality. One way to anticipate and mitigate problems stemming from bandwidth congestion is to monitor usage and performance. Mitel users have an easy path to manage performance under high volume conditions. It alerts you to problems at an early stage — so you can take corrective action before users experience voice quality problems or downtime.

It also gives you visibility into call volume and usage — making overall capacity planning more accurate. What does a strong CSP look like? It provides measurable goals that are assessed on an annual basis and clearly demonstrates success.

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It must be transparent ; the customer is aware that the CSP is in place. It provides information and acts as a learning opportunity for the customer so they can upskill as necessary. It should be a dynamic document that is revisited and adjusted as needed every quarter. There is mutual ownership of the CSP between the organization and the customer.

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Typically, Customer Success would split customers into three groups: High Touch: These customers have a high growth potential, and require special attention to help them attain that growth. Low Touch: These customers are doing well but still have the potential to grow more. Tech Touch: These are our self-sufficient customers. We should ensure a relationship is maintained because they are excellent product advocates and can help with product road mapping. Networks are a shared resource. This presents a tremendous performance bottleneck when latency is an issue.


One of the classic developments in computing systems is virtual memory , a combination of hardware and software that creates the illusion of private memory for each process. In the same school of thought, a virtual network interface protected across process boundaries could be accessed at the user level. With this technology, the "consumer" manages its own buffers and communication schedule while the "provider" handles the protection. Thus, the network interface card NIC provides a "private network" for a process, and a process is usually allowed to have multiple such networks.

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The virtual interface VI of VIA refers to this network and is merely the destination of the user's communication requests. Communication takes place over a pair of VIs, one on each of the processing nodes involved in the transmission.

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In "kernel-bypass" communication, the user manages its own buffers. Another facet of traditional networks is that arriving data is placed in a pre-allocated buffer and then copied to the user-specified final destination. Copying large messages can take a long time, and so eliminating this step is beneficial. Another classic development in computing systems is direct memory access DMA , in which a device can access main memory directly while the CPU is free to perform other tasks.

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  • In a network with "remote direct memory access" RDMA , the sending NIC uses DMA to read data in the user-specified buffer and transmit it as a self-contained message across the network. There is no intermediary copying and all of these actions occur without involvement of the CPUs, which has an added benefit of lower CPU utilization. In VIA, the user must "pin-down" its buffers before transmission, so as to prevent the OS from swapping the page out to the disk.

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