Art and Globalization

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Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution. The notion of globalism, by definition in the seminars linked to the contemporary age, locks into the present the notion of globalism and the allied concept of globalization. Readers thus might appreciate the reminders of Thomas daCosta Kaufmann punctuating the conversations that globalism has more ancient roots, to my mind roots even more ancient than Kaufmann argues.

I find a disturbing celebration of the global era, the present, the contemporary. But there have been multiple globalisms, though often at times when the full extent of the globe was not known. Even today, there are large parts of the globe that are excluded from participation in an economic or cultural globalism, parts that are erased in the course of such celebrations.

Art and Globalization

Oftentimes the book reads more like a play than a work whose ideas and central arguments are carried through. A play, however, has a guiding force: a playwright and director. The conversations, in which a seminar leader is frequently interrupted by one of the participants, seems to exclude the reader. I wanted to ask questions, as usually I do when I read a book. But it was hard for me, a reader, to enter the conversation because the participants in it were a circumscribed group.

Sometimes the conversation is too self-referential.

schoellhammer | art in the era of globalization

New York: Routledge, That is a book I like and found provocative, but the many references to it push the reader outside of this book and toward something not entirely meaningful unless she or he has read that book. Other quibbles are much more minor. The index is sparse, mostly nouns, when the book is one of abstract ideas. And the notes on contributors misses some.