3D Imaging, Analysis and Applications

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Germany and Zebra Imaging Inc.

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Cellular imaging system

News in Focus Browse News Releases. Multimedia Gallery. Trending Topics. Business Technology. General Business. Consumer Technology. In-Language News. Share this article. Read More. Stem cells differentiated into cardiomyocytes are used to screen early for potential toxicological effects of drugs, thus helping to avoid investment in development of drugs which will fail in clinical trials due to cardiac toxicity.

Neurons create connections via extensions of their cellular body called processes. This biological phenomenon is referred to as neurite outgrowth.



Understanding the signaling mechanisms driving neurite outgrowth provides valuable insight into neurotoxic responses, compound screening, and for interpreting factors influencing neural regeneration. Using the ImageXpress Micro system in combination with MetaXpress Image Analysis Software automated neurite outgrowth imaging and analysis is possible for slide or microplate-based cellular assays.

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The development and integration of three-dimensional 3D assay models are becoming popular to drive translational biology. Increase the biological relevance of your screening assays with a seamless integration between acquisition and analysis of cells in a 3D space to yield volume, intensity, and distance measurements.

Learn More about ImageXpress Confocal. The ImageXpress Micro system and MetaXpress software are designed to make acquisition and analysis of 3D spheroids fast and accurate. Pluripotent stem cells can be used for studies in developmental biology or differentiated as a source for organ-specific cells and used for live or fixed cell-based assays on slides or in multi-well plates.

With the growing use of high content screening in drug discovery, informatics has come to the forefront as a critical technology to effectively utilize the massive volumes of high content data and images being generated. Download Data Sheet. Three-dimensional 3D cell models are physiologically relevant and more closely represent tissue microenvironments, cell-to-cell interactions, and biological processes that occur in vivo. This single interface will enable you to meet 3D acquisition and analysis challenges without compromise to throughput or data quality, giving you confidence in your discoveries.

Screening for off-target or toxic effects is very important during the development of new drugs and for the extension of the therapeutic potential of existing molecules. ImageXpress systems are fully integrated hardware and software platforms for automated acquisition and analysis of images for high-throughput cell-based cytotoxicity testing. Configured with optional environmental control, living cell responses or kinetic reactions can be monitored in real time for several days.

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Growing concerns about the increased prevalence of untested chemicals in the environment has created a pressing need to develop reliable and efficient screening tools to identify chemicals…. Combining high-throughput imaging and customizable high-content analysis allows multiple useful applications for toxicity assessment in assays using either cell lines or stem-cell derived hu….

Download Scientific Poster. Using high-content imaging assays allow cells cultured and treated in microplates to be imaged alive without wash steps for real-time studies of cells in their most natural state, although…. Establishment of physiologically-relevant in vitro models is crucial to further understanding of the mechanisms of neurological diseases as well as targeted drug development.

While iPSC-…. There is increasing interest in exploring the use of three-dimensional 3D spheroids for modeling developmental and tissue biology with the goal of accelerating translational research in….

3d imaging analysis and applications

In recent years, there has been significant progress in development of in vitro aggregates of tumor cells for use as models for in vivo tissue environments. When seeded into a well of a….

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Many cancer cell lines will form spheroids if cultured on a favorable three dimensional 3D matrix. Technology providers of global shutter image sensors, VCSELs, injection-molded and glass optics, DOEs , and semiconductor packaging are all benefiting. In the consumer world, smartphone players are now quickly revising their own 3D sensing strategy. As an example, Oppo made the first announcement beginning of the year with Orbeec, while Xiaomi released the Mi 8 explorer edition with Mantis as a technology partner.

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The market research company Yole, nevertheless forecasts an emergence of rear 3D camera, though with limited penetration. Other notable next steps should include expansion into other consumer devices, and in automotive.

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In particular, consumer robotics should highly benefit. The high-end markets, i. In addition the consulting company Yole is organizing dedicated Forums to highlight the latest technology innovations and market trends.